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Release history


Version 5.63 - May 202

bullet“Prt Scr” key will now print the host screen only if the Windows option “Print Screen from opening Snipping Tool” is disabled.
bulletFixed connection problem on some server if TLS is enabled (Quick3270 Secure).
bulletFixed: Open same session option does not transfer the selected keyboard layout.

Version 5.62 - February 2023

bulletSupport of the RUMBA™ specific EHLLAPI functions (WD_xxx).
bulletMacros from the QWS3270™ software can now be executed directly by Quick3270.
bulletCut, Copy, Paste works now correctly with the Thai language.

Version 5.61 - November 2022

bulletQuick3270 Secure: Return to version 1.1.1 of OpenSSL following connection problems on certain servers with version 3.0.x.
bulletFTP: Added secured transfer modus FTPS (Quick3270 Secure).
bulletFTP: Added FTP command "subcommand".
bulletFixed: Toolbar customizations, saved in configuration files (.ecf), are now compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Quick3270.
bulletMacros from the HOBLink software can now be executed directly by Quick3270.

Version 5.60 - September 2022

bulletImproved support of East European keyboards.
bulletImproved support of Canadian-Bilingual keyboards.
bulletFixed: No switch to 162x60 screen resolution (3270 emulation).
bulletUpdate of the help file.

Version 5.53 - April 2022

bulletAdded advanced keyboard mapping for Polish keyboards.
bulletFixed default definition of Czech, Slovak, Slovenian and Hungarian keyboards.
bullet3270 emulation can now displays screens in up to 16 colors.
bulletFixed: COM interface The ECLFieldList.Refresh method did not properly reset the list of fields.

Version 5.51 - February 2021

bullet64-bit version of the software. 64-bit version includes 32-bit and 64-bit EHLLAPI interfaces.
Licenses are eligible for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software.
bulletEHLLAPI: Now more than 2 applications can share the presentation space.
bulletEHLLAPI: Aborted application will now automatically disconnect from the presentation space.
bulletCOM Interface: Added the FullName property to the Extra.Session object.
bulletVBScript: Added GetSessionName function to the Quick3270 VBscript language (.qvbs).
bulletAdded support for 122-Keyboard (Unicomp 5250).
bulletAdded: Quick3270 Secure displays now an error message in case TLS version is not supported by the host .
bulletCOM Interface: Fixed the IBM compatible autECLPS.CursorPosRow returns now correct value.

Version 5.51 - February 202

bullet64-bit version of the software. 64-bit version includes 32-bit and 64-bit EHLLAPI interfaces.
Licenses are elligible for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software.
bulletEHLLAPI: Now more than 2 applications can share the presentation space.
bulletEHLLAPI: Aborted application will now automatically disconnect from the presentation space.
bulletCOM Interface: Added the FullName property to the Extra.Session object.
bulletVBScript: Added GetSessionName function to the Quick3270 VBscript language (.qvbs).
bulletAdded support for 122-Keyboard (Unicomp 5250).
bulletAdded: Quick3270 Secure displays now an error message in case TLS version is not supported by the host.
bulletCOM Interface: Fixed the IBM compatible autECLPS.CursorPosRow returns now correct value.

Version 5.50 - May 2020

bulletQuick3270 code supports now Windows Control Flow Guard (CFG) technology.
bulletNew Telnet option (enabled by default) to activate quick connection to host.
bulletAdded timeout option for Telnet connection (default is 10 seconds).
bulletAdded SEND and RECEIVE command line file transfer tool.
bulletQuick3270 Secure: Telnet connection timeout option includes TLS handshake.
bulletQuick3270 Secure: More detailed error messages if TLS handshake fails (OpenSSL and Microsoft CryptoAPI).
bulletQuick3270 can import IBM Personal Communications profiles (.ws files).

Version 5.42 - September 2019

bulletAdded 'copy as image' menu option.
bulletQuick3270 Secure: Improved control of server certificates.

Version 5.41 - August 2019

bulletAdded: Automatic device name generation for Workstation ID (TN5250).
Supported character/name substitution are : ‘*’, ‘%’, ‘=’, ‘+’, ‘&COMPN’ et ‘&USERN’
bulletQuick3270 Secure: Added TLS suffix to open secured connections from a link.
Syntax: tn3270:<hostname>[:port][/TLS]

Version 5.40 - July 2019

bulletAdded: Quick3270 COM interface can return now:
- a Micro Focus Reflection compatible RIBM object with IApplication.RIBM.
bulletSeveral improvements of the 5250 Emulation  (field formatting, cursor movement,...).
bulletQuick3270 Secure: Added support for TLS v1.3 (OpenSSL and Microsoft CryptoAPI).
bulletVBScript is now used as default macro language (.qvbs files).
Quick3270 macro language (.qmc files) is still supported but no more improved.

Version 5.34 - January 2019

bulletAdded possibility to Drag & Drop screen content between Quick3270 sessions.
bulletFixed: Microsoft CryptoAPI connections may not work with some mainframes.

Version 5.33 - October 2018

bulletImproved management of loading/unloading the HLLAPI DLL.
bulletEHLLAPI ConnectPS function will now return the session status.
bulletAdded: Quick3270 COM interface can return now:
- an IBM Personal Communications compatible autECLSession object with IApplication.autECLSession.
- an Attachmate’s Extra! compatible System object with IApplication.System.

Version 5.32 - May 2018

bulletAdded EHLLAPI Pause function.
bulletAdded support of the Windows AccessibleObjectFromWindow function.
This allows to get the COM interface of any running Quick3270 instance using the Windows handle (used by Macro/Script).
bulletFixed GUI display modus: Display problem when the emulator screen contains an ampersand character.
bulletIBM Personal Communications macro (.mac files) compatibility: Added support of the autECLMacro function.
bulletIBM Personal Communications macro (.mac files) compatibility: Better recognition of the IBM macro header.
bulletFixed: Copy/Paste from screen to screen may suppress the first character in field.
bulletAdded support for insert mode in clipboard Copy/Paste.
bullet3270 Emulation: Attention and SysReq functions can now be customized.

Version 5.31 - December 2017

bulletImproved support of VTxxx/ANSI emulation.

Version 5.30 - September 2017

bulletIntegration of the VBScript language in Quick3270 (.qvbs files).
bulletVBScript can be used as default macro language and to run directly IBM Personal Communications macros (.mac).

Version 5.21 - June 2017

bullet This version is not compatible with Windows XP. Minimum version is now Windows Vista.
bulletLibreSSL Security library is no more supported and removed definitively.
bulletAdded support of Microsoft CryptoAPI for SSL/TLS connections.
bulletStronger Host certificate check implemented.
In this version host certificate check is done directly by OpenSSL (if OpenSSL selected) or CryptoAPI (if CryptoAPI is selected for the secure connection).
bulletNow OpenSSL library is integrated directly in Quick3270 and is no more packaged as external dll files.
bulletOpenSSL: It is now possible to specify in Quick3270 a root certificate from the Windows certificate store.
Before a root certificate could only be specified with an OpenSSL CA file.
bulletEnglish and French help files have been migrated to the new help file format. Context help works now in French and English.
bulletTN3270: Added screen size 62 x 160.
bulletAdded possibility to customize the toolbar (add custom buttons, customize button colors).
bulletExtended support of central European keyboards (Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian…).
bulletAdded support for simple WRQ Reflection macros
bulletFixed: Startup problem when both auto-connect and Spellcheck were enabled.
bulletFixed: 3270 custom screen size not handled properly when TN3270 Bind was not negotiated.

Version 5.06 - March 2017

bulletNew: Auto-Start macro can now be specified with an environment variable.
bulletFixed: Problem with Copy/Paste of numeric fields into Excel. Under circumstances, the field content was not converted to a numeric value.
bulletFixed: With paste of data in Quick3270, if a selection rectangle is set, the „Clear to end of field“ option is now supported .
bulletFixed: On keyboard input, the new character may overwrite part of the previous character (on the left).
This depends on the font and font size.
bulletFixed: Macro language – GetText function, row and line parameter were inverted.
bulletNew: Macro language supports now double quoted strings.
bulletFixed: Configuration options with „Registry-Priority“ are no more overwritten with the settings from the configuration file (.ecf).
bulletImproved: Printer emulator – Print to file is now much faster

Version 5.03 - June 2016

bulletFixed: Attention and SysReq functions not implemented properly (only TN3270E connection).
bulletFixed: “Graphic Input” doesn’t work with text only screens.
bulletFixed: 5250 - wrong cursor location on some screens.
bulletNew: Printer Emulator - Added Form Feed support in Printer Definition File (PDF).
bulletNew: Attachmate’s Extra! “Custom Translation Tables” (.ctt files) can now be used for file transfer.
bulletNew: Added new functions to macro language – Clipboard.Clear, Clipboard.GetText, Clipboard.SetText and Clipboard.GetFormat.

Version 5.02 - March 2016

bulletFixed: Copy/paste problem when paste in selection rectangle.
bulletFixed: Connection problems with VPN and/or virtual IP addresses.

Version 5.00 - January 2016

bulletNew license management software.

Version 4.62 - September 2015

bulletTN3270: New option for connection to be compatible with Hercules mainframe emulator.
bullet5250 Emulation: New option to display or not column separators.
bullet5250 Emulation: Remote command (STRPCO/STRPCCMD) supports now the START command.

Version 4.61 - August 2015

bulletNew: Added LibreSSL as optional security package (Quick3270 Secure).
bulletNew: Added display option for input field underlining.

Version 4.60 - June 2015

bulletMacro language: Arrays are now supported for String / Integer / Bool / Date.
Only one-dimensional arrays are supported.
bulletMacro language: Debug dialog box shows the content of array variables.
bulletMacro language: New Function Replace / Replace$.
bulletNew: Quick3270 includes a code signing certificate from Comodo to authenticate the software.
bulletNew: Quick3270 can use directly Attachmate’s Extra! “Custom Translation Table” (.ctt files).
bulletModified: If the keyboard layout is a derivate from IBM3270 or IBM5250, then F1 to F12 keys takes care of the “Shift” key.
bulletFixed: On TN3270 connections (but not TN3270E) Quick3270 may hang on file transfer or on display of some specific screen layouts.
bulletFixed: On FMI3270 connections (HIS / SNA-Server) an error in the management of the “bracket” protocol is fixed.

Version 4.52 - February 2015

bulletFTP: Added the active mode option and support of IPv6.
bulletNew options to customize the mouse buttons.
bulletFor keyboard layouts based on IBM3270 or IBM5250, the F1 to F12 keys take care of the Caps Lock state (same as IBM Personal Communications™).
bulletCopy/Paste: Quick3270 now automatically adapt paste options to match the available clipboard formats.
Particularly, copy/paste from Quick3270 screens to Quick3270 screens or from a spreadsheet to Quick3270 don’t need to adjust the paste options.
bulletWinHLLAP interface: Added the SendFile and ReceiveFile functions.
bullet3270/GDDM: Quick3270 supports now the advanced data entry format in graphic mode.
bulletFixed: When typing fast, the enter keystrokes may be lost.

Version 4.51 - November 2014

bulletMacro language: Added the possibility to run directly a macro recorded with Micro Focus Rumba™.
bulletHP Unified Fonctional Testing: Improved compatibility with the latest version of the software.

Version 4.50 - July 2014

bullet5250 Emulation: Added Auto Sign-On option.
bullet5250 file transfer (FTP): Added DIF file format.
bullet3270 Host Graphics: Improved rendering of complex graphics, hatch styles are now conform to the GDDM specs.
bullet3270 Emulation: Added APL character/keyboard support. Default key combination to toggle APL mode is Ctrl-F8.
bulletAdded: Basic VT/ANSI emulation.
bulletNew macro language functions: Left, Right.
bulletImproved compatibility to run IBM Personal Communications macros directly.
bulletImproved: Advanced Windows TCP/IP connection functions are used under Windows Vista and higher.
bulletFixed : Unable to paste text into a selected area.
bulletFixed - LU1 printing : Unable to toggle between Portrait/Landscape orientation when using bypass Windows GDI option.
bulletFixed - LU1 printing : Unable to handle large transparent data blocs (used to print a background for example).

Version 4.44 - December 2013

bulletMacro language: Added the “debug keyword to allow to run a macro step by step and to display the list of variables.
bulletNew macro language functions: SearchPS, Trim, ConvertRow, ConvertCol.
bulletNew HLLAPI functions: pcsQueryConnectionInfo and StartPlayingMacro (110).
bulletAdded menu option “Windows”: Allow to hide / show / switch to another session.
bulletUser interface language can now use the „Regional Windows Settings“.
bulletNow it’s possible to add a macro to a toolbar button.
bulletFixed: HLLAPI - Convert function don’t work in enhanced mode.
bulletFixed: HLLAPI - SendKey function: The mnemonic for “Reset” don’t work.
bulletQuick3287 printer emulation: Improved text formatting in LU3 printing protocol.

Version 4.40 - July 2013

bullet3270 Emulation: Improved support and display of Programmed Symbols.
bulletQuick3270 can now read the color settings from an IBM Personal Communications configuration file (.ws).
bulletFixed: Unable to start Quick3270 from the COM interface when the spell check option was enabled.
bulletFixed: NumLock state not managed properly.

Version 4.38 - March 2013

bulletNew option to allow the insert mode no more be turned off after an AID key.
bulletTCP/IP connections supports now IP version 6 (IPv6) for TN3270 / TN5250.
bulletMacro language: Added the Date type and associated functions to allow calculations and conversions (Day, Month, Year, Now, Format, DateAdd, DateSerial, DateValue, TimeSerial, TimeValue).

Version 4.36 - November 2012

bulletAdded: Programming interface WinHLLAPI (32 bit).
bulletEHLLAPI is now compatible with the software “HP QuickTest Pro”.
bulletSpelling and WordWrap options are now available from the customize keyboard dialog box.
bulletIt’s now possible to select the printer from the “Print Screen” dialog box.
bulletNew functions added in Macro language to improve compatibility with IBM Personal Communications macros.
Function CStr()
Structure: do…while…loop
bulletHost Graphics (GDDM): Support of graphic Marker.
bulletHost Graphics (GDDM): Improved text rendering when the text baseline displayed with an angle (Set Character Angle - GSCA / Set Character Shear - GSCH).
bulletHotspots: Now all URL’s are recognized. Before only http:// and file://.
bulletHotspots: Hotspots are now even recognized in input fields.
bulletAuto-start macro. The macro is now started when the first screen is displayed.
Before it was started when the connection was established.

Version 4.31 - February 2012

bulletNew functions to enhance compatibility with IBM Personal Communications macros:
Structure: With...    End With 

Version 4.30 - December 2011

bulletAdded: Support of the 3270 Field-Outlining attribute (only display, not by the printer emulator).
bulletAdded : Printer emulator – The bypass Windows GDI modus can now use predefined HP LaserJet 4 (Pcl5) printer modus.
It is no more necessary for those printers to use an external PDF file (Printer Definition File).
bulletAdded: Support of US/International keyboards.
bulletAdded: The Edit pop-up menu can now be called by a keyboard shortcut or a mouse button click.
bulletAdded: FTP file transfer.
bulletAdded: New macro functions : LCase, UCase, Environ, Encrypt, Decrypt, GetIpAddress, GetMacroKeystroke.
bulletFixed: A field that reaches the last screen position (bottom/right) may not be displayed.
bulletFixed: On big customized 3270 screen sizes (ex : 132x80) the program may crash when sending data to the host.
bulletFixed: The option Telnet KEEP-ALIVE is now implemented properly as a socket option.
bulletFixed: On Copy/Paste, the character ` is replaced by ' (the ` character is not defined in the 3270/5250 character set)
bulletFixed: On Print Screen under Windows XP, the bold characters may shift the characters and the line alignment was lost.

Version 4.21 - February 2011

bulletAdded the possibility to print multiple screens on a paper sheet (print screen).
bulletPossibility to customize the appearance of blinking text (not blinking / underscore / reverse / custom colors…).
bulletQuick3270 can run now IBM Personal Communications macros (not only PComm VBScipts).
bulletAttachmate’s Extra! and IBM PComm macros can now be used as startup macros.
bulletPrinter emulator (SCS / LU1): Better management of the margins set by the host program.
bulletBy default the presentation space is now centered in the Quick3270 Window. In previous versions it was top/left aligned.

Version 4.10 - May 2010

bulletKeyboard mapping allows now to import IBM Personal Communications keyboard files.
bulletKeyboard mapping can now use an IBM 3270 or IBM 5250 default layout (instead of the Quick3270 keyboard layout).
bulletKeyboard mapping can now use an external keyboard file. In previous versions, the settings for the keyboard mapping were only read from the Quick3270 configuration file (.ecf).
bulletAll keyboard options are now moved in the Settings/Keyboard dialog box.
bulletThe Keyboard tab in Settings/Terminal has been removed. The HideTermKeyboard option is no more used
bulletA Mouse setting dialog box has been added: Menu / Settings / Mouse… This menu option can be hidden with HideOptMouse.
bulletIBM Personal Communications and Attachmate Extra! macro/script files can now be mapped directly to a key or keypad button.
bulletHideMenuBar and HideToolbar now even hides the options in the system menu.
bulletHost Integration Server: LU/Pool Name can now be expanded with an environment variable.
For example: LUName=%LUNAME%.
bulletGraphic emulation: The center display in window option now works even for graphic display.
bulletGraphic emulation: The size of the graphics fits now better the size of the under laying text screen.

Version 4.02 - January 2010

bulletAdded an option to be compatible with JAWS® (software program for visually impaired users).
bulletAdded function GetFieldAttribute to macro language.
bulletAdded method GetFieldAttribute to COM interface (Screen object).
bulletAdded method ForceFocus to COM interface (Quick3270 object).
Force input focus to Quick3270, even if the calling application has not the focus.
bulletAdded property WindowHandle to COM interface to get the Window handle associated to the Quick3270 object

Version 4.00 - December 2009

bulletImproved compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
bullet Version 4 is now only compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and 7.
Windows 95 / 98 / Me and NT4 are no more supported.

Version 3.98 - November 2009

bulletAdded: Word wrap option (only 3270 emulation)
bulletAdded SendFile and ReceiveFile function to macro language.
bulletFixed: WaitForString function may not wait under certain circumstances.
bulletFixed: JumpNext and Maximize don't work if keyboard is locked.
bulletFixed: Bad EBCDIC conversion of '>' character in the following host code pages:
French, German, Greek and English-UK.

Version 3.97 - July 2009

bulletAdded: Spell check option with spelling suggestions (if Microsoft Office is installed).

Version 3.96 - May 2009

bulletNew: Quick3270 can run directly macros recorded with Attachmate Extra!.
bulletNew: Added template configuration files to give Quick3270 the same look and feel as Attachmate Extra!.

Version 3.95 - January 2009

bulletNew: Quick3270 can run directly macros recorded with IBM Personal Communications.
bulletNew: Added template configuration files to give Quick3270 the same look and feel as IBM Personal Communications.
bulletNew option to use backup hosts if a resource/LU is already used by another session (TN3270).
bulletPrinter Emulation: Added support for LU1 (SCS) tab stops.

Version 3.93 - October 2008

bulletAdded SYLK Format in Clipboard to Paste formatted data’s in spreadsheet software (Excel).
bulletAdded support of “Date” type variable in macros.
bulletAdded “Static” declaration for variables to preserve variable content in different macro calls.
bulletAdded possibility to call a macro from another macro (call....exit).
bulletFixed: some cursor display problems have been fixed (using backspace key, calling a macro from the keypad...).

Version 3.92 - July 2008

bulletTwo independent keypads can be displayed.
bulletMacros can be mapped from the user interface to keypad buttons.
bulletA specific background color can be selected for input fields.
bulletPrintscreen: APL characters are now printed if the Quick3270 font is selected as printer font.
bulletOption to customize 3270 terminal display size (lines and columns).
bulletFixed: The HLLAPI PAUSE function returns a wrong result code.
bulletFixed: GDDM, under certain circumstances, the graphics screen is not properly erased when switching back in text mode display.
bulletPrinter Emulator: New option to start printing after a Time-out.

Version 3.90 - December 2007

bulletNew option to customize interline spacing.
bulletNew option to center display in Window.
bulletAdded PCSAPI32 functions pcsConnectSession and pcsDisconnectSession.
bulletEHLLAPI function SetSessionParameters supports now the NOXLATE and NULLATTRB options.
bulletFixed: 5250 print screen problem.
bulletFixed: Ruler not properly updated on screen when using Delete key
bulletPrinter Emulator: Added option to customize the EBCDIC-ASCII translation table.
bulletPrinter Emulator: Hex trigger supports now the “double percent” option.

Version 3.88 - May 2007 (Vista compatible)

bulletAdded: EditPaste macro function.
bulletFixed: Horizontal Ruler option not properly saved in configuration file
bulletTo select the printer, you must now use the File/Print Screen dialog box (before it was the File/Paper Setup dialog box).
This is for compatibility with Microsoft Vista.

Version 3.82 - September 2006

bulletAdded: Undo paste command
bulletAdded: 16 additional customizable colors.
bulletAdded: Macro recorder uses now attribute and cursor location for synchronization
bulletAdded: New macro functions: Date$, Time$ and GetAttrib
bulletAdded: GDDM supports now bitmaps display
bulletAdded: Telnet Timing Mark option
bulletAdded: 5250 emulation supports more "advanced" functionalities.
bulletAdded: New Path option added to the setup program: setup.exe /path "c:\my application"on.

Version 3.80 - December 2005

bulletAdded: Printer emulation - Support of Printer Definition Files.
bulletAdded: Macro language - Improved support of the COM interface (indexed objects).
bulletAdded: Write configuration file - Only the no default values are written now to the file.
bullet Added: 5250 emulation - support of STRPCO / STRPCCMD commands.
bulletFixed: Printer Emulator - LU1 Transparency no more interprets the NULL character as a string delimiter.

Version 3.75 - July 2005

bulletNew: Quick3270 true type font added to the Quick3270 package.
bulletNew: Possibility to scroll the screen in GUI mode.
bulletNew: drag & drop of color scheme file into Quick3270 window to apply the color scheme.
bulletNew: drag & drop of macro file into Quick3270 window to execute the macro.
bulletFixed: Right mouse button doesn't display the edit popup menu if the menu bar is hidden.

Version 3.73 - May 2005

bulletNew hotspot options. Hotspots can now be displayed in text mode (reverse color)
bulletImproved support for LU1 formatting commands (Quick3287 printer emulator)
bulletFixed: Macro - WaitForKbdUnlock returns before keyboard is unlocked
bulletFixed: Printscreen to file cannot create a file if append option is selected
bulletFixed: The SysReq function works now as expected with a TN3270E connection.

Version 3.72 - March 2005

bulletNew: pcsQuerySessionList function (PCSAPI32.DLL)
bulletChanged: The default path for Macro files is now the program path
bulletFixed: Automation - GetString appends an useless NULL character to string result.

Version 3.71 - December 2004

bulletFixed: IND$FILE File transfer don't work with VTAM/TUBES environments.
bulletFixed: Macro - Encrypted passwords can only be written in hidden fields

Version 3.70 - October  2004

bulletAdded: pcsStartSession and pcsStopSession (PCSAPI32.DLL)
bulletNew: Read configuration file is now faster and the file is opened in read-only mode.
bulletNew option to disable the keyboard auto-repeat feature for 3270/5250 function keys.
bulletFixed: Wrong display attributes returned by CopyPS and CopyPStoString (EHLLAPI)

Version 3.69 - July 2004

bulletNew: Option to send Printscreen to file
bulletNew: If there is a marked area, only the marked area will be printed.
bulletNew: Macro - Hidden field input will now be recorded encrypted.

Version 3.68 - May 2004

bulletNew: Option to insert Tabs as field separator (Copy/Cut).
bulletNew: Graphic display now supports the Set Character Angle order
bulletFixed: Wrong result returned by EHLLAPI QuerySessions.
bulletFixed: Wrong default keyboard map for German/Swiss keyboards
bulletFixed: Wrong default keyboard map for Dutch/Belgium keyboards

Version 3.66 - March  2004

bulletNew: Print screen supports now screens with graphic display.
bulletNew: String comparison added to macro language (>, =, <, <=, >=, <>).
bulletAdded: Improved EEHLAPI compatibility with IBM PComm
bulletNew: Possibility to choose the cell size for graphic display
bulletFixed: Caps lock key don't work as expected on keyboards other than French and German.

Version 3.65 - December  2003

bulletNew: Enhanced EHLLAPI support.
bulletNew: Spanish and Italian user interfaces.
bulletNew: Backup hosts for TN3270 and TN5250 connectivity.

Version 3.60 - August  2003

bulletNew: Graphical keyboard mapping dialog box.
bulletNew: Possibility to start macros from the keypad.
bulletNew: File I/O functions added to macro language.
bulletNew: 3270 Cursor Select function.
bulletNew: 5250 Host Print function.
bulletFixed: HLLAPI Dll was not unloaded properly.

Version 3.55 - March  2003

bulletNew: Integration of TextPipe Pro from Crystal Software. Extract and reformat your host data's using the clipboard or a Quick3270 macro.
bulletNew: COM support for Quick3270 macro language. It's now possible to drive your desktop application from a Quick3270 macro.
bulletNew: Option for Black & White print screen.

Version 3.50 - February  2003

bulletNew option to automatically replace 3270 and 5250 text screens with a graphical user interface (GUI-on-the-fly).

Version 3.36 - September  2002

bulletNew option for Copy/Paste (word wrap)
bulletFixed: Printer emulation formatting problem

Version 3.33 - August  2002

bulletFixed: Program crash on Win95/98/Me if Andale Mono font is installed
bulletFixed: Unable to start more than 26 sessions
bulletFixed: Errors when type library file (TLB) file is imported  with Delphi

Version 3.30 - June  2002

bulletAdded: 3812 Printer emulation (TN5250)
bulletAdded: Device name negociation (TN5250)
bulletAdded: Image support for graphic emulation
bulletNew: Quick3270 Thai Edition

Version 3.22 - January  2002

bulletAdded: Customizable window title
bulletAdded: Auto-reconnect option (Telnet)
bulletAdded: "Run the same" and "Run other..." menu option
bulletAdded: Option to to popup keypad on right mouse clic
bulletFixed: "Destructive Backspace" option don't work in 5250 mode
bulletFixed: Some function key bug on 5250 emulation

Version 3.21 - November 2001

bulletAdded: Left Ctrl key can be mapped
bulletImproved bitmap font sizing

Version 3.20 - November 2001

bulletAdded: HLLAPI support
bulletAdded: SNMP support
bulletAdded: Customizable toolbar
bulletAdded: Message line for 5250 emulation
bulletAdded: Transfer list of files
bulletAdded: Auto-start macro
bulletAdded: Record macro feature

Version 3.17 - July 2001

bulletAdded: Thai Host Code Page
bulletAdded: Lines per Inch option for 3287 emulation
bulletImproved support for graphic emulation (3179G)
bulletFixed: TN5250 negotiation problem on some server
bulletFixed: Synchronization problem on fast Pc's when several sessions are started with the layout file
bulletFixed: Several bugs with the macro language
bulletFixed: A Bracket error with SNA Server connection (FMI)

Version 3.10 - February 2001

bulletAdded: Macro language
bulletAdded: Support of layout file (to save/open several sessions, display and printer, in one file)
bulletAdded: New keys: Next Word, Previous Word
bulletAdded: COM IPersistFile support
bulletAdded: (3270) LU name is now displayed on the status bar
bulletAdded: Settings can now be saved in the registry
bulletFixed: Several file transfer bugs with IND$FILE in CUT mode
bulletFixed: OLE Automation synchronization problem

Version 3.07 - October 2000

bulletAdded: Page setup settings are now backed up
bulletFixed: Quick3287 printing problem with the new "ByPass GDI" option

Version 3.06 - October 2000

bulletAdded: Purchase online menu option
bulletAdded: Code pages for Euro currency symbol
bulletAdded: Quick3287 LU1 transparency support
bulletAdded: Recent file list
bulletAdded: Telnet Keep-Alive option

Version 3.00 - July 2000

bulletAdded: 5250 emulation (TN5250 connectivity)
bulletAdded: Light pen support
bulletAdded: Context help
bulletAdded: Greek Host Code page
bulletAdded: Support for Programmed Symbols
bulletImproved 3287 printer support

Version 2.60 - January 2000

bulletAdded: 3287 host print
bulletAdded: Graphic support (GDDM,...)
bulletAdded: OLE functions for IND$FILE file transfer
bulletAdded: DUP and Field mark keys

Version 2.50 - October 1999

bulletAdded: Code Page support for File transfer
bulletAdded: Page setup and printer font selection
bulletAdded: French and German user interfaces and help files

Version 2.20 - April 1999

bulletAdded: Customizable colors and keyboard mapping
bulletAdded: Type ahead buffer
bulletFixed: Connection problem on some TN3270E Server

Version 2.10 - March 1999

bulletFaster 3270 data stream parser
bulletAdded: IND$FILE file transfer (CMS, TSO and CICS)
bulletAdded: Install/Uninstall program

Version 2.02 - January 1999

bulletAdded: support for TN3270 Enhancements (RFC2355)
bulletFixed: connection problem on SNA Server with Windows NT

Version 2.01 - December 1998

bulletAdded: support of Blink attribute
bulletFixed: display bug for color attributes
bulletFixed: bug on OLE Wait... functions

Version 2.00 - December 1998

bulletAdded OLE Automation support
bulletAdded TN3270 connectivity
bulletAdded option to record session data on trace file

Version 1.00 - April 1998

bulletFirst release of Quick3270
bullet3270 Terminal emulator for MS-SNA Server (FMI3270) connectivity
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